Hoguera Fiesta Mezcal

*Hoguera Fiesta Mezcal* by Dylan, representing 400 Rabbits


35ml La Medida Espadin Mezcal

15ml 30-30 Tequila Reposado

20ml Caramel Monin

10ml fresh lemon juice

2 dashes peach bitters

Shaken and strained over ice and topped with lemon Hooch.


Never having stepped behind a bar before Dylan impressed us with a marvellous drink that is so moreish one could drink it all night long (definitely not a bad thing!). He created this fine thing with the help of Julien from 400 Rabbits.

Hoguera Fiesta Mezcal was created as a tribute to the famous victory against the French invasion at the Battle of Puebla and also to family traditions of bonfires and celebrations. A crisp, light, delicately smokey and beautifully balanced with homemade caramel sweetness.