Satuday Afternoon

A stunning drink with so many bright flavours, gorgeously balanced!


Perfect twist on an old fashioned and great for whiskey lovers!

In da Shrub

A delicious cocktail, made available on the 400 Rabbits cocktail menu!

Chi Chi Wah Wah

A very herbaceous drink that has lots of juicy flavours complimenting the delicate and grassy Sotol.

Chihuahuan Lady

The best way to introduce people to spirits is through cocktails! Banging ingredients, ...


A stunning concoction with a great story! Thanks Charley!


A great example of switching out a base spirit with Tequila and creating a stunning...

Hoguera Fiesta Mezcal

Never having stepped behind a bar before Dylan impressed us with a marvellous...

Invernadero Sour

A delightfully fresh drink with a tremendous depth to it and was created out of inspiration...

National Margarita Day | 22nd February 2019

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The Margarita, one of the worlds best known and loved cocktails!