Casa Agave in Bristol & Bath

There’s been a lot of talk of Bristol & Bath being the UK’s next best agave hub… I had to of course see for myself and can confirm all the great things you have heard!! I travelled down specifically to meet up with a fellow Mezcal…

National Margarita Day | 22nd February 2019

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The Margarita, one of the worlds best known and loved cocktails!

Mojo Tasting & Competition | 30th April 2019

Coming up with great new ideas for tastings and bar events can be tricky because surely by now, most things have been done before... right? Wrong!!

Drinks Enthusiast Feature

Having launched last year as importers and promoters of all thing’s agave, Casa Agave is very proud to announce the latest addition to their range: Mezcal Real Minero!

Tasting & Masterclass | 8th May 2019

To celebrate the ever popular Cinco de Mayo, I've joined forces with Gauntleys Fine Wine and Whiskey in Nottingham and will be showing off a variety of delicious Mexican spirits

Industry Tasting & Masterclass | 17th February

INDUSTRY ONLY EVENT In a relaxed setting we will chat about Mexico's rich history, culture and traditions from eons ago until today and learn all about our favourite spirit

Valentine’s Night ~ Oysters & Tequila | 14th February 2019

Come join us at The Gadabout in Leicester for an exciting tasting event of Mexico's finest aphrodisiacs: Mezcal and Tequila! And if that's not enough to tempt you to join us we'll throw in some Oysters manage à trois to get you going

Mexican Cigar Tasting | 13th February

The first cigar event of the year hosted by Gauntleys of Nottingham is, in fact, a re-launch of an old brand: Casa Turrent cigars from Mexico