Chihuahuan Lady

*Chihuahuan Lady* by Tom Proud

40ml Ono Sotol
15ml triple sec
17.5ml lemon juice
15ml light agave syrup
20ml egg white
Small pinch of salt

Wet shake, then dry shake. Strain into chilled glass with orange zest garnish.

Tom: ‘Sotol is a Mexican distilled spirit from a plant commonly known as a Desert Spoon and this one, made in Chihuahua, is fresh and fruity with guava and pepper notes – making this version of a white lady, with its added agave syrup, distinctly tropical… I really like this. Subtle, balanced and showcasing a relatively unknown spirit (in this country anyway) it works on many levels.’

The best way to introduce people to spirits is through cocktails! Banging ingredients, banging drink!

Thanks Tom!