*Pornstar-garita* by Tom Proud

40ml Blanco 30-30 Tequila
20ml homemade Passionfruit & chilli liqueur
Juice of one lime

Shake and double strain. Garnish with chilli slice.

Tom: ‘I was lucky enough to get sent a few samples of 30-30 Tequila, an artisan producer from Guadalupe, and I really fancied a margarita with a twist, and this Passionfruit and chilli liqueur I made a wee while back provides that twist I desired… A spicy margarita using a really fresh and peppery blanco tequila, with a hint of the pornstar martini thanks to the Passionfruit…’

A great example of switching out a base spirit with Tequila and creating a stunning drink!

Thanks Tom!

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