New denomination for Mezcal!!

What an exciting day!!

The rules and regulations on Agave distillates are very strict and carefully protected, to ensure that Tequila is Tequila and Mezcal is Mezcal.

As with some other alcoholic beverages it is protected by a Denomination of Origin which allows for the production of Tequila/Mezcal to occur in a select few states of Mexico.

For Tequila: Jalisco, Michoacan, Tamaulipas, Nayarit and Guanajuato

For Mezcal: Oaxaca, Durango, San Luis Potosi, Guanaguato, Guerrero, Tamaulipas, Puebla, Michoacan.

According to the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property (IMPI) extensive investigations have been carried out recently and it has been documented that Mezcal has been produced in both Aguascalientes and the State of Mexico (colloquially ‘Edomex’ to avoid confusing it with the country itself). As they have not been part of the Denomination they have not been able to produce and sell their products, which have been part of their more rural communities and traditions and have passed on artisanal techniques and cultural practices from generation to generation.

NOW!! Excitingly as of Thursday 9th August 2018, TODAY, both the states of Aguascalientes and Edomex have been recognised as producers of mezcal, following all other regulations and rules.

This means that we will hopefully soon get to taste the fruits of their labour and passion for the first time in history (outside of their own communities, where I’m sure they’ve enjoyed it lots!)


Jen x