All our spirits are 100% agave and governed by their NOM (The official Mexican Standard for agave spirits that is regulated by the Mexican Government) so you can be assured that no shortcuts are taken in the making and that the production of each bottle can be traced (If you wish for more info on a brand just drop us a message!)


Mezcal can often be produced in less developed areas and so we believe that the development of Mezcal internationally should have a positive impact for the people who produce it and their communities. For this reason, we personally select each Mezcal, trying to make sure that the brands we import are actively engaged in improving communities and the lives of the people who live there. We also try to ensure all the mezcals we import originate from small family run Palenque’s, giving them our support in their fabulous businesses.


Sustainability is a big issue in the world of agave. Unlike other produce used to make spirits such as grapes, wheat or rye which can be planted and harvested within a year, agaves can take anywhere from seven to thirty years to grow and reach maturity. We try to ensure all our brands use agaves in a sustainable and responsible way, investing in reforestation and replanting programmes and trying to prevent the extinction of rarer species.

Any species of Agave have all kinds of uses, making it a hugely valuable plant:

  • Roots when cooked are a nutritional meal
  • Spikes can be used as weapons, needles and even for tattoos!
  • Leaves can be made into writing paper, shelter from rain (thatched) and even shoes & clothes
  • And most importantly it’s heart is what gives us fermented goodness!

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