Sustainability is a big issue in the world of agave. Unlike other produce used to make spirits such as grapes, wheat or rye which can be planted and harvested within a year, agaves can take anywhere from seven to thirty years to grow and reach maturity. We try to ensure all our brands make their spirits in a sustainable and responsible way, either by producing their spirits in an eco-friendly way by utilizing its waste products; investing in reforestation and replanting programmes or trying to prevent the extinction of rarer species.

Any species of agave have all kinds of uses, making it a hugely valuable plant and can provide all things necessary for human living: Food, water, clothing, and shelter

  • Roots, when cooked, are a nutritious meal
  • Its sap/aguamiel/honey water is full of nutritious value
  • Spikes can be used as needles or pens, or in the past were even used for weapons
  • Leaves/pencas can be made into paper; shelter; textile for shoes & clothes
  • The quiote could be hollowed out to make instruments; structures for shelter
  • In the past and in some rural areas still today the maguey is used in natural medicine to cure indigestion; stomach cramps & pains; labour pains


Reducing our impact on the environment and mother nature is hugely important to me in my private life and at work respectively and try to live as sustainably as I can.

Eco friendly packaging is perhaps the easiest way any business can reduce their impact on nature. All packaging I use can be either recycled, composted or reused. Our bottle wrap bags are made from 95% bio-degradable OXO; our void fill we use is wood wool, which is 100% bio-degradable; our postage bags are made from 100% post consumer recycled material and fully recyclable; our cardboard boxes can of course be fully recycled and/or reused; our giftwrap uses recycled craft paper, twine and plant based, plastic free Sellotape.

Another way we try to help is by supporting some amazing projects, where we match every donation made and send to both the Tequila Interchange Project’s Bat Friendly Program and Real Minero’s Project LAM. You can read more about them individually here: CHARITIES 


All our agave spirits are 100% agave and governed by their NOM (The official Mexican Standard for agave spirits that is regulated by the Mexican Government) so you can be assured that no shortcuts are taken in the making.

We only work with the categories of artisan or ancestral mezcal and avoid stocking industrially made mezcal. With it being near impossible to find small batch tequila producers, we look for producers who prioritise the quality and authenticity of the spirit and try to do so with respect to the environment and the agaves, rather than finding quicker ways of making more. One of our favourite tequila brands we work with is 30-30 as the owners run their distillery off the waste produced by each distillate and reuse any fibres to fertilize their agave fields. They also allow the soil to regenerate by planting corn after harvesting the magueys.


Mezcal can often be produced in less developed areas and so we believe that the development of Mezcal internationally should have a positive impact for the people who produce it and their communities. For this reason, we personally select each Mezcal, trying to make sure that the brands we import ourselves are actively engaged in improving communities and the lives of the people who live there. We also try to ensure all the mezcals we import originate from either family run palenques or are Mexican owned, giving them our support in their fabulous businesses.

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