Casa Agave in Sheffield

A write up of Sheffiled is now waaaaay overdue!

One of the first places I went to visit before Casa Agave was even properly launched was Sheffield. A city I had admired for a long time being the home of one of my absolute favourite actors since childhood: Sean Bean. It didn’t let me down. A great city that is constantly growing and becoming more and more diverse in terms of independent bars & restaurants.

I had the absolute pleasure of meeting some smashing people and hearing about their journey to opening their unique bars.

A new Mexican cantina opened early this year in the up and coming area of Kelham Island called Pina, named after the heart of agaves. When you step inside this gorgeously spacious building you will be welcomed by fabulous hosts who love Mexico as much as we do here at Casa Agave and a beautifully artistic setting with lots of bright colours and great artwork.

After grabbing one of their luscious cocktails you can wander outside to sit down and take in the holiday weather we have been enjoying before you order a taco or two… maybe three… four? They are ridiculously moreish and delicious.

Anyone wanting to try authentic Mexican dishes (vegan options available too and they are excellent!) and drinks has to go see this magical place that sends you straight to Guadalajara. Check out our La Medida Espadin and Tepeztate while you’re there. The team lovingly serve it in a jicara with sal de gusano and slices of orange, for you to nibble at while your tastebuds go wild over the incredible flavours of our Mezcal.


In Sheffield city centre there is a fantastically original bar and hidden gem that is located in converted, who would’ve guessed, the old public toilets!!

Public is just brilliant and the guys behind it have done such an amazing job with the limited space and have even managed to squeeze in a small kitchen next to the bar! Be sure to dress up for this sit-down service cocktail bar, as it sends you back to the days of speakeasys and hidden bars, not just through the beautifully smart appearance but also through the customer care, and spirits knowledge that is some of the best I have had the pleasure of witnessing. If all that isn’t reason enough to go then let it be the fact that you’ll find some of our products there, so make sure to ask for a Mezcal Margarita with La Medida Espadin!

The general manager here has even won awards including the best cocktail menu in the UK! Simply a must see!

The Great Gatsby is another great setting within the heart of Sheffield, providing a wicked atmosphere throughout the night, transforming from a chilled hang out in the afternoon to a party bar later on. They offer a great food selection and more importantly, a great booze selection!

Highly recommend stopping off and saying hi to the wonderful staff at The Great Gatsby

Having been recommended to see Cubana I had the bar set pretty high and upon arriving the recommendation couldn’t have been better! What a great bar! It has a huge range of spirits (mainly rums but we’ll have to forgive them for that, being a rum bar!), great staff, and great music.

Sheffield is definitely up and coming and certainly the place to discover new cocktails and more importantly a vast array of agave spirits and having a wicked night out!


Jen x