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Perfect twist on an old fashioned and great for whiskey lovers!

In da Shrub

A delicious cocktail, made available on the 400 Rabbits cocktail menu!

Chi Chi Wah Wah

A very herbaceous drink that has lots of juicy flavours complimenting the delicate and grassy Sotol.

Chihuahuan Lady

The best way to introduce people to spirits is through cocktails! Banging ingredients, …


A stunning concoction with a great story! Thanks Charley!


With the news becoming even more distressing by the day and lots of us already isolating ourselves to avoid contracting let alone passing on COVID-19, it is vital to stock up on essentials!!! Of course this includes the old spirits cabinet to help see us all through this time of uncertainty! Although we don’t offer […]


A great example of switching out a base spirit with Tequila and creating a stunning…