With the news becoming even more distressing by the day and lots of us already isolating ourselves to avoid contracting let alone passing on COVID-19, it is vital to stock up on essentials!!!
Of course this includes the old spirits cabinet to help see us all through this time of uncertainty!
Although we don’t offer any loo roll you can certainly satisfy all your Mexican spirits needs through our online shop…

The threat to the food and drinks industry, and those industries connected to them (and many more) is devastating and scary, where so many of us are fearing for our futures whether as business owners or employees. So with perhaps a little spare time on our hands, maybe we could all use this opportunity to support our favourite bars and restaurants (or even Casa Agave..?) in this time of crisis by leaving an online review and spreading a little bit of happiness to another person’s life.

Casa Agave, as a web shop, will remain open to any and everyone within the UK 24/7 for as long as Royal Mail and FedEx are able to continue their services.

Agave love to you all and wishing you happiness and health as we fight through this nightmare ?
Jen & James