National Tequila Day 24th July 2018

Hola chicas y chicos!

We are celebrating National Tequila Day in the UK on the 24th July and in honour of this marvellous spirit I would like to show you a few great ways to drink it!

Here are some great ideas and cocktails that you might like to try for your very own National Tequila Day party!

Verdita y Sangrita

A very traditional way of enjoying a Tequila in Mexico is accompanied with a small glass of Sangrita or ‘little blood’. These are wonderful palate cleansers and come in many different forms and recipes. Here’s our recipe for a batch of Sangrita and also a Verdita ‘little green’ simply blend all the ingredients up, strain them and serve with your tequila of choice!

Verdita 200g Mint, 100ml lime juice, 50g coriander, 3 jalapenos and 1l pineapple juice

Sangrita 400ml Tomato juice, 100ml orange juice, 2 red chilies, 2 pinches black pepper, 3 drops tabasco, 50ml lemon juice


Classic Margarita

The most popular way of drinking Tequila in a cocktail all around the world and No. 1 of favourite cocktails in America


40ml 30-30 Blanco Tequila

20ml Cointreau

20ml Fresh lime juice

1 tsp sea salt


Method Add all ingredients apart from the salt in a tin shaker, add ice cubes and get shaking! Rim a chilled Margarita glass with sea salt and double strain the cocktail into the glass. Enjoy!


Hot Basilita

A creation of the guys and gals at 400 Rabbits Nottingham, spicy and fresh and absolutely yum!

30ml Creencias Blanco Tequila infused with jalapenos

10ml Green Chartreuse

10ml Ancho Reyes Verde

50ml Apple juice

2 dashes Ms Betters Bitters Miraculous foamer

10ml Agave syrup

4 basil leaves


Method Infuse 1 bottle of 30-30 Blanco with 3 halved jalapeno chilis for 2 days. In a tin shaker add the basil and muddle it up, getting all the flavours flowing. Add all the remaining ingredients and cubed ice and shake, shake, shake it up! Double strain into a coupette and for the final touch, lay a spare basil leaf on the top with a jalapeno slice resting on it. Hot!



A deliciously sweet and scrumptious cocktail by the Calluna gang in Nottingham! It sends your memories back to years gone by.

40ml 30-30 Blanco Tequila

10ml Violet Liqueur

20ml fresh lime juice

1 Crushed Parma Violet Candy


Method Similar to the classic Margarita: Add all ingredients apart from the crushed Parma Violet, add cubed ice and vigorously shake til cold. Rim a chilled coupette with the powdered Parma Violet and hey presto! Get it in your face!


Verde Margarita

A wonderful cocktail we got to try on our travels through Mexico by the lovely team at Baltra in Mexico City that even won the 2018 Patron Perfectionist Competition in Mexico.

30ml Patron Silver

12.5ml Patron Citronge

12.5ml Elderflower liqueur

12.5ml Fresh lime juice

5ml Fino Sherry

5ml Agave syrup

1 celery stick

Celery salt & sugar


Method Add all ingredients apart from the celery salt in a blender with crushed ice and mix until it reaches a slushy consistency. Rim a rocks glass with the celery salt and sugar and pour the cocktail in. Lush!