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Mezcal puts on a growth spurt!

 ‘Porque solo lo autentico perdura’ (‘Because only the authentic endures’)


My objective with Casa Agave has always been to promote the category through education and sampling of my products and therefore completing the cycle of growth by bringing money back to those hard workers who make our favourite spirits in Mexico and so it makes me very proud to have been part of an article written about the future of Mezcal in such a widely acclaimed magazine, which is dedicated to the world of spirits.

Regarding the best way to move forward for the ‘boom’ awaiting Mezcal is of course for all producers to grow agaves sustainably and for larger brands to cultivate them, leaving a percentage to be pollinated naturally, thereby supporting the endemic ecosystem. Because of the time it takes for even an Espadin or Tequilana Weber to grow (min 7 years), this practise should have started years ago for large scale brands/agave growers, and so the production may fall behind for larger brands.

I believe that the small batch producers like La Medida and Real Minero are the ones that will still stand strong regardless what happens on a large scale, as they have always and always will grow their agaves in a sustainable fashion with respect to nature, practising artisan methods. To quote Real Minero’s slogan ‘ Only the authentic will endure’.

As people are becoming more aware of how we live effects the environment I am certain that this is partly the reason why something as natural as artisan Mezcal is experiencing a boom!

With La Medida only using wild agaves or silvestres and bottling them straight of the still (with the exception of the cultivated Espadin, for the larger market and to be used in cocktails) it is a perfect example of how to make a delicious product and at the same to balance its production with mother nature, supporting the bats and the birds who pollinate their matured agaves.

Both Real Minero and La Medida have won awards and certifications that prove how much they care for their product and environment.

Follow this link to their website and see below the article for you to peruse:

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Drink Mezcal and be happy!

Saludos, Jen