Drinking to a Better Future – Tom Bartram

A fabulous article by Agave expert Tom Bartram, released following the celebrations of London Mezcal Week 2019, where he looks at the many problems Mezcal producers face in a world dominated by consumersim and where it is headed.

As consumers of this remarkable liquid it is in our hands who we support and why. Whether we support cost cutting methods in comparision to those traditional, or support the sustainable harvest, the fair trade and supporting the local economies and families who have been making Mezcal for generations.

“Mezcal naturally attracts the conscientious consumer, but being a conscientious consumer of mezcal is not easy. Barely a day goes by without hearing of issues of sustainability, or the latest conglomerate buying up a piece of the ever-growing mezcal pie. When a category explodes in popularity at the pace mezcal has, the minor issues of yesterday can be amplified into the crises of tomorrow. The uncompromising cogs of global consumerism are turning, and they may be on a collision course with the spirit we love.”

For the full article please follow this link: TT Liquor- Tom Bartram

Photo Credit: Anna Bruce Photography