The Spirits Business – interview

Huge thanks to the Spirits Business for interviewing me for their February edition!

My favourite question that was asked was this:

What trends have you noticed in the drinks industry?

Although trends come and go I don’t believe that agave spirits fall in to that idea.

More and more people are becoming increasingly aware of the impact our consumerism has on the world itself and, in regards to this subject, the impact on agaves and therefore their natural habitats and pollinators.

The fact that we’re all beginning to look behind the brands is huge. We’re paying more attention to where something is made, how and by whom. This is as relevant in the drinks industry as it is in the food, clothing, and many more industries.

As consumers we have the power to choose what we want to support, and that is a beautiful thing. The items I have chosen to import all have a story, are either distillery or Mexican owned and most importantly all have production processes and ethical practises I wish to support and also enable economic growth within these small communities in rural parts of Mexico. I also have a range of items available that are imported by others, which also tick the above boxes in terms of production and ethical practises and so I wanted to support my fellow agave family in the UK by stocking and, where I can, promote their products.