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One of the most important issues in life is supporting our environment and fellow earthlings. I’m a strong believer in that our own health and happiness is determined by the world around us, and so if we don’t care for it, we will also droop and wither.

On our last trip to Mexico in November we met with the fantastic producers Graciela, Edgar and Adriana of the palenque Real Minero. There they focus on the diversity of agaves and studying their reproduction/pollination, alongside making very precious ancestral Mezcal.

The work of Real Minero is dedicated to the sustainability of the maguey and their family run palenque is even reviving almost extinct agave species back to health. A few years ago after the sad passing of Don Lorenzo Angeles Mendoza his daughters Graciela and Adriana and son Edgar launched a project called Proyecto LAM, honouring their father by naming this project after him.

Don Lorenzo always taught his children to care for and respect the agave. He would say: ‘Sin maguey, no hay mezcal’ (Without agaves, there is no mezcal), and that is a world I wouldn’t care to live in!!

Alongside the Proyecto LAM we have started supporting another great in the world of sustainability: The Bat Man of Mexico!

The Bat Friendly Tequila and Mezcal Project, started by Dr Rodrigo Medellin, who is a professor at the Institute of Ecology of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), encourages producers of agave spirits to allow between 2% and 5% of their agave fields to flower.

Feel free to check out our recently launched Charities page to find out more about these two fabulous projects and how you can make a difference!