Casa Agave in Cheshire

On Friday I drove up towards Manchester to see the Marigot Bay Bar and Cafe, which opened less than 1 month ago in Altrincham, Cheshire, and show off some of our products.

Having been stuck in traffic for at least 2 hours longer than the drive itself should have been (assuming the rain was a big factor in this …) I finally made it and found the bar really easily. Upon my arrival at Marigot Bay Bar I was immediately offered a brew to help me warm up in the returning English weather of grey skies and rain and I was cheered up in a second!!

Not only is the bar itself a truly authentic replica of what I had always imagined a Caribbean style bar should be but also the atmosphere was so relaxing with a lovely team behind it. With the owner, Dave Marsland, being a huge fan of rum, there is an immense selection which he had gathered over the years and is now showcasing in his very own bar!

What makes it stand out is not just their passion for the Caribbean but also the calming and relaxing music playing softly in the background, coming from one little radio behind the bar. They tasted a selection of my range and although the bar itself isn’t agave led, Dave really likes Tequila and Mezcal, so he had a great time getting to know my products 😉 The Tekali Almond in particular stood out, as almond liqueurs are such a brilliantly light and easy substitute for Orgeat syrups in various rum cocktails.

It was an absolute pleasure getting to know the team behind this new gem, who also own Riddles Emporium, just down the road from Marigot Bay.

Riddles Emporium is a unique spirits shop that has a selection of cocktail equipment too and also hosts masterclasses. A must see!! Because of it’s incredible uniqueness I’ve been wanting to visit this shop for ages, little did I know that it was born from Riddles Bara speakeasy which was so refreshing to see, as there are few speakeasy style bars that keep to their concept and do it well!!

Riddles Bar itself is less than 2 min walk from the Emporium and is everything a speakeasy should be, with excellent bartenders who are trained in their craft and can whip up a classic in no time or create a cocktail designed specifically for your tastebuds. The manager Arron also jumped on the Tekali Almond and had a classic ‘Godfather’ made for me substituting the Amaretto for Tekali, it was lush!

Manchester is a thriving city with a great buzz not many cities possess and it was fantastic to see the passion spread outwards and growing throughout Greater Manchester too! Having met these beautiful people in the town of Altrincham I am positive that they will have success with their businesses, because they each have very clear concepts backed with great bartenders that share the owners enthusiasm.

See you soon Altrincham!


Jen x