Casa Agave at the Great British Food Fest

This weekend we spent in the sunshine with fellow traders in a wonderful setting!

What an exciting few days they were with our fab little stand!


We are incredibly proud of having been received with lots of interest and success.

Our main focus has always been and will always be to support artisanal producers in Mexico and show off their fantastic produce here in the UK and try to have a positive impact on those who make it and those who enjoy it.


Casa Agave was also booked to host a masterclass, talking about the traditions, the history and the culture behind the fabulous agave spirits we import.

What a great turn out and it was amazing to see so many people excited to learn about a spirit that is still very humble and unknown in the UK.

We strive to make the ripple grow as far and wide as possible with more and more people learning about the wonderfulness of the agave!


If you wish to book us to come to your venue or a private party for a Tequila/Mezcal tasting and masterclass simply get in touch!


Jen x