Tequila & Mezcal Fest, August 2015, Liverpool

Ever heard of the Tequila and Mezcal Fest?  Well, it's a relatively new London based organisation designed to promote tequila, mezcal and other agave based across the UK.  Their first event was held in London November 2014. Eduardo Gomez, founder and director of Tequila and Mezcal explained “We want to educate both the trade and consumers on how to drink, use and enjoy tequila and mezcal. There is a real need for a consistent message.”  Casa Agave totally agrees with this message and we were intrigued to attend one of their events and so on Saturday we went to the first Liverpool Tequila and Mezcal Fest, held at the Liverpool Maritime Museum!

It was a fantastic day of seminars and we had lots of opportunity to try tequila and mezcal from both world famous and lesser known brands.  The day kicked off with a 'Tequila Cocktails Made Easy' seminar with Jesse Estes.  This was particularly enjoyable (not only for the delicious sampling of all five cocktails) but Jesse explained to us some of the possible origins and stories behind the cocktails, basic ingredients used and new twists on classic cocktails. The Casa Agave team loved Cafe Pacifico's twist on the Paloma.  Their 'Nueva Paloma' substitutes the typical mix of fizzy grapefruit for fresh grapefruit juice which makes it incredibly drinkable, particularly in the early afternoon! 

Wandering round the exhibitors' stands was a sensorial joy.  It was great to see and sample the brands on display.  We loved chatting to the guys hosting the variety of mezcals and it was great to hear about differences in agave types, to discuss the rarity of the batches produced and to sample directly the soft and smoky Espadin and the flavour explosion of Tobala mezcals.

Next, more seminars!!  We loved listening to Sophie Decobecq so much from her previous talk at Crazy Pedro's, that we decided to go and listen to her again!  If you ever get chance to see her or taste her product, Calle 23, do!  It's great to listen to somebody talk and demonstrate so enthusiastically about tequila and to convey scientific knowledge about the processes of tequila making to an audience from all walks of life!  Finally, to end the day we listened to the International Tequila Ambassador himself, Tomas Estes!  Not only did we learn about his unique 'Single Estate' brand Tequila Ocho, but we saw how sincere he is in wanting to spread knowledge on agave drinks and educate people on the huge variety of agave types found in Mexico and the unique and labour fuelled processes it takes to produce all kinds of agave spirits.

Thanks to Tequila and Mezcal fest for bringing together all the people so dedicated and passionate about promoting these drinks and the culture of Mexico! See you in London!