An inspiring French tequila maker. Introducing... Sophie Decobecq

Well it's been a very interesting weekend for the Casa Agave Team.

We kicked Friday off with a wonderful talk by Tequila Calle 23's founder, Sophie Decobecq. The session was hosted at Crazy Pedro's in Manchester and was Sophie's penultimate destination as part of her Agave Rides Tour 2015 (a two-person bike ride from Glasgow to Liverpool) to promote her delicious Calle 23 and also spread the word about the process of making agave spirits from the field to the glass.

As well as explaining the fundamentals of tequila making, Sophie also gave us inside knowledge on the choices she made to determine the characters of each age of Calle 23: Blanco, Resposado and Anejo. She conveyed her dedication and enthusiasm for agave spirits as she explained to us the lengthy time it takes to grow a crop of Tequilana Weber blue variety for optimum conditions to make tequila, her favoured fermentation method where she actually harvests the yeast from the fields and cultivates in a Petri dish and how each step of the tequila making process is tested and highly monitored by herself. Sophie emphasised that she always keeps in mind what her own personal preferences are in terms of flavour so she ensures this is never compromised. This is one reason why leaves her Reposado and Anejo tequilas to age for longer than the average and stated minimum lengths of time. Her Calle 23 Reposado is aged for an impressive 8 months (tequila regulations determine that Reposado needs to be aged for 2 months minimum) and her Anejo is aged for 18 months on average making it deliciously soft and palatable.

When you taste Sophie's Calle 23 tequila range, you can really sense the care and attention that has gone into making each of these products: from the sweet after taste of the agave noted Blanco, her 'middle child' Reposado to the unique Anejo in which she retains her own personal preference to keep a definite agave character rather than the typical woody undertones from barrel charring which can quite often be the norm in the ageing process. Sophie certainly has her own individual mark on these products.

Thank you for sharing Calle 23 and spreading the agave word in such a novel way Sophie!