Mexico adventures, tequila travels, the beginning...

Christian and I were discussing 'the beginning' the other day and it's difficult to pin point why, when and how this exactly came about.  The things we love to do are travel, explore, drink and ... chat!  We've had a great few years of travelling back and forth between Mexico and UK and we hope for many more.  We've been so lucky to meet some amazing people along the way, many of whom have shared some interesting stories with us (and inspired us to link these two countries.)

Now, Tequila!  Maybe me being born and raised in UK, could possibly be the reason why my early tequila memories are quite awful to be frank!  Nothing but a harsh, cheap drink to down (on someone else's suggestion of course) until your body cannot tolerate it anymore.  Then what happens?  I visit Mexico for the first time with Christian and have the drink offered to me at warm and welcoming family gatherings and fiestas:  My whole experience and liking for it changes!  I start to love tequila!  We don't just down the drink over here, we sip and and savour the flavour whilst eating snacks and chatting; we drink it slowly, after it's been chilled in the freezer before eating a meal; we drink it at the end of a heavy meal to help us digest and relax even more,  we add it to some amazing chilli flavoured, vivid coloured Vampiro cocktails!  The drink I was being offered was full of flavour, sometimes gentle and sometimes with a kick, very warming and most importantly it deserved to be savoured.

Each time me and Christian visit Mexico we explore and learn even more about various regions and their unique cultures, we try to mix and mingle with people and of course, we become more interested in drinking traditions and types of beverages particular to each region.  From tequila we began to drink mezcal, which brings about a whole other world of flavours (too many to write about now!).  We've driven by beautiful, hilly fields of agave (the plant which gives tequila and many other Mexican drinks their existence!), we've seen the length of time and the patience needed for the processes involved in producing such drinks, we've tasted the raw materials and dug our hands in the earth!  And... finally, we start to meet the field workers, distillers, sellers, advocates of (and those against) tequila.

Back tracking a little...  Funnily enough, the tequila thing may have sprung from a night drinking whisky!  One night in a little hotel bar on the Isle of Aran, Scotland, Christian and I were chatting to the barman and began to sample some whisky from the local distillery.   We tasted and were talked through some of the most amazing flavours and had the same feeling of discovery we felt about tequilas in Mexico.  So, in the same way the friendly Aran barman led us through the flavours of the Scottish island, we would also like to share with you, the agave flavours of Mexico!